Unspoken Truths – J.K.Wade

Unspoken truth is where I write the truth about someone anonymously, that I’ve never said to them personally. Names will be changed to protect the guilty.

Dear, Mrs Yellow Foot

Let me start by saying, you are the lowest thing that a person could ever ponder a comparison for, no exaggeration. If love was a weight of the soul and yours was measured, they would have to invent a scale capable of measuring a theoretical pit of nothingness. Your lack of spine, character, empathy, grace, and any capacity for compassion outside of the scope of yourself, is equal to your capacity to apologize when you are the root of unrighteousness not yet philosophized.

The day I met you, I had no idea that you were the equivalent of dog food in humane form. I try my best never to hate anyone but out of the billions of people on earth, you are the only person that has caused me to reassess the foundational roots of all my laws of morality. Often I asked myself what posses one has to go throw to develop for themselves a persona so grey, lame, inconsistent, self-centered, and as black stone cold mean-hearted as the half an excuse for a humans being, piss poor possession that is you.

I once owed a dog that I utterly despised, I would greatly trade any moments I’ve had with you for more time with that dog. In fact, I would trade it for time with 10 dogs just as worse. If I told the truths or your past treacheries, life for you would be twice as hard for you as you have tried to make it for me. I wish no harm on you outside of everyday, some one reading thus letter to you, in constant repetition until the end of your days.

Signed, The one you never loved.

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