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Recently, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Your probably thinking,’ So do I, but I still find time to blog’. This may be true but when I say I’ve been up to a lot, I mean a lot. After dropping my debut album Blue Faces, I was attacked on all viable fronts. In between trying to create new musical projects, attend school, and manage my home life, not everything I planned went according to plan. This can be expected in most situations and though the last few months have been rough, I know for certain that I entered 2020 a better person.

So, my inside scoop on Blue Faces. It is my best work yet, despite the 65% of the tracks being recorded prior to 2018. The oldest track on the album is from 2005. A lot of my old rap names have gone to mainstream artists, which can be confusing to hear me call myself another rappers name. Fortunately, I have digital proof of all my previous aliases, so I never mind it. Blue Faces is the second chapter of my rap story. One day my lyrics will complement my true life story. On that day I will feel content that I have done my best to inspire greatness.

Far from the 14-year old homeless runaway that once ran the streets raising hell. A man that made it through some of life’s toughest debacles, only to lose my dear mother at the age of 28. It affected me in a strange way that I can’t explain. The only thing the loss did indefinitely, was instill a sense of purpose in my life. My mother gave up some of the best years of her life to raise her children, though some make the discussion not to care for their children. I feel that all my accomplishments give her life a depth of purpose and meaning.

My mother’s death isn’t what disturbed me the most over the last two years. What was most disturbing to my soul was finding out that my family did everything in their power to prevent me from being able to attend her funeral, my mother was cremated so that my sister and aunt could pocket money, and my mother’s legacy is under constant threat of erosion by my older sibling. This was my inspiration going into the thought process of dropping my first album.

Over the years I’ve been using a wide range of DAW platforms. Unfortunately, I haven’t always had the knowledge base to utilize these DAW’s to their maximum efficiency in the past and every day I’m learning new techniques of how to improve the sound and feel of the music I engineer. My goal is usually to help the listener get a clear picture of my mood and how I feel through the music. Similarly to how a writer approaches connecting with his/her audience. Using this technique made recording more of a therapy for me versus just make an album.

Shortly after the release of my album Blue Faces; three days tops, I was forced to trash my entire friends’ list on FaceBook, after my links being reported as spam and my account being suspended from an influx of felonious reports. Likewise, my IG has been re-suspended every week since I’ve released my project. Not to mention the most random group of misfits making it their job to dilute every ounce of drip that they can squeeze ur of my music and social media accounts. It’s as if an individual isn’t allowed to have anything that makes them unique without a person trying to recycle it in the hopes of gaining a few extra followers or a few more plays.

Random post on social media is kind of my introverted file dump. The only issue with that is that it’s public and permanent. In context, I’ve posted a ton of politically incorrect things online over the past decade. During all this post-album release harassment; with a YouTube video on my channel showing about 40-50% of my block list, the worst things I’ve posted seem to just float straight to the top of the google search when searching me. Not that I’m surprised by any of it. I just wonder how people have so much free time to worry about another person without getting paid to do so.

As I’ve witnessed so much coldness as the fruits of my success, my introverted nature has become even more seclusive. Though I should be out doing shows, I’d rather avoid the drama and give that time to my family and further educate myself. I’m thinking like an investor and if a relationship doesn’t have an ROI, I’m failing to see the necessity to sustain such interactions. My focus is on ensuring I make it to my destination and giving no one else control over whether or not I get to where I’ve set my destination.

Rolling with the punches is never easy. People will make you feel like your sound the wrong thing or making the process more difficult but a wise mind once said, ”A calm sea has never made a skillful sailor.” Tacking the lick as they come can be difficult and at times out of your character. Unfortunately, If dealing with the extra trouble is vital to achieving your overall goal, you may just have to bite the bullet and roll with the punches.

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DopeAMean – Blue Faces – Stunner-Man November 2, 2019

Blue Faces was the artist known as DopeAMean’s first independent album released on most major platforms. Prior compilations include Street-Creed 101, The Col All-Stars Mixtape, and The Best Unsigned released while DopeAMean was known as HeBeKodac and apart of a teenage rap group called Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs).

Blue Faces is a album that represents DopeAMean over coming homelessness and prejudices after being discharged from the U.S. Army for 2-years, 11-months, and 29-days; on which he served one tour of duty in Afghanistan, while going through hell. The come back album Blue Faces should not be miss understood to signify any gang affiliations, disrespect any gang culture, or to make any political statements outsides of its marketed content.