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Rap is a genre of music that relies heavily on the artist’s ability to be lyrical, deliver these lyrics at a precise time, and make it rhyme in most cases. Don’t get me wrong; not all rappers are expressive logically, and some can’t even rhyme or give a timely executed pattern of flow. Fortunately, even if an aspiring rapper only knows a limited amount of words, there are still other creative elements such as flow(rate), delivery, and clarity that can be manipulated to compensate for this lack of poetic skill. To help you on your path to becoming a better lyricist, I have compiled a list of my top 5 steps to better lyrical rapping abilities. These steps are all active individually, but when meshed together, they can improve your level of lyricism dramatically. Hopefully, these tips will become a vital part of your rapper’s tool-kit and serve you well in all your musical pursuits.

Eric Esma - Ottawa, ON, Canada

Eric Esma – Ottawa, ON, Canada

1. Practice

This first tip may seem like a no brainer, but when I say practice, I mean more than you usually do. Recording new tracks and doing this continually is not an adequate form of exercise. Keep a pen and pad handy and write in your notebook any time you are inspired to or have nothing else better to do with your time. Some rappers don’t like to write, but what these rappers fail to understand is, writing can improve your freestyling abilities. When you’re walking around in your everyday life or when your board, in general, uses the time in-between time to enhance your freestyling skills. Rap in between destinations or activities. Create a home for you and other rappers to play. The more that you practice, the larger your vocabulary will become, as well as your capacity to recall these words or phrases spontaneously. Not to mention, I’ve made some headbanging tracks with practice lyrics.

Wendelin – Jacober Glarus, Schweiz

2. Find your unique style

One of the reasons most rappers can’t improve their lyrical abilities is because they imitate the styles of rappers that have already made it big time. Although this can be an excellent way to get started in the field of rapping, there will come a time in your rap career when you will need to stand apart from other performers and deliver something musically different than the standard norm. This is when having a unique style, flow, and delivery will become vital to making progress. If you start now on developing your own signature sound, you will be ahead of the learning curb. Furthermore, knowing how to execute multiple lyrical styles can give you a lyrical advantage over others who don’t know-how.

Mwabonje – Malindi,kenya

3. Freestyle to Instrumentals

Instrumentals are a rapper’s best friend. Freestyling to instrumentals can be a great way of helping you to develop a higher level of confidence, engineer a new style, or even improve your abilities to rap on different rhythmic styles of rap beats. Rapping to industry quality beats can also help you identify shortcomings in your productions. Freestyling to instrumentals can also help to fix issues that some artists have with timing, vocal pattern, and delivery. At a minimum, you should keep ten instrumentals on hand for random moments when you may have free time to practice your craft.

4. Invest In a Dictionary

Despite Machine-Gun Kelly’s ragging on Eminem for using a dictionary to write his rhymes, I still live and die by the proper use of a dictionary as a supplement for expanding one’s vocabulary. A dictionary can be used in many different ways when it comes to composing rap lyrics. First, the artist can set-aside time daily to study words to help build a comprehensive and expansive vocabulary. Second, the artist can use the dictionary in instances where clarity is needed about the usage or pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Last but not least, an artist can find a random word in the dictionary and use that word to build a rap song around. Whatever way you choose to use the dictionary, I can assure you it will be a vital asset to your lyrical rapper’s toolkit.

Wendy Wei – oronto, ON, Canada

5. Invest In a Thesaurus

So, what exactly, is a thesaurus? The thesaurus is probably one of the most user-friendly books to use when it comes to rapping. A thesaurus allows you to find multiple words in a given language that all mean the same thing. This can come in handy when trying to find a word to use in your song that has a lot of words that rhyme with it. This can help to improve the overall flow signature of composition. Can you see how a thesaurus can become a vital asset to a successful rap career? Although you will still have to make the words rhyme on your own, it can be a great resource and very useful when used correctly. I would also recommend using a thesaurus when there are words you frequently use that you wish to find a suitable replacement for. Learning how to use a dictionary effectively and accurately will improve your lyricism over time.

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