Productive All Nighters

So, I decided to make this blog post about the all nighter I pulled last night. Currently I’m somewhere near over 30 awake spent consistently awake🤪. I know, how horrible, how unhealthy, and probably why? In school this semester I happen to be taking a psychology class and our professor heavily stressed the importance of a good night’s rest😴. Unfortunately, as a child I stayed up many night just because. As a teenager I would often stay up late or hang with friends; lose track of time, the next thing I know, oh Mr. Sun 🌞 Sun Mr. golden sun was shining down on me.

Likewise, after serving the US Army In Afghanistan, I faced problems getting to sleep. During my deployment I remember staying up a week straight😐. That wasn’t required for any mission essential tasks; however, all the stresses of war just seemed to come to me at night. That and the fact that the sounds of the battle field cease only as a means of preparatory regeneration for the next number from the world renowned international marching band. Over the years I think it become a pattern for me to have one or two all nighter a week consistently. Consequently, I learned to be very productive during these time of day.

Just last night I found myself researching different platform for independent artist to do it all themselves. Yes, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a computer nerd at heart a long time ago🤫. I’ve recently finished writing, recording and producing my first independently distributed album titled Blue Faces. This has keep me neglecting my studies for the last two weeks now. I’ve learned so mush about the music industry just surfing around the internet in the wee hours of the night. I couldn’t help but marvel at all that I had gotten completed through-out the 6-8 hours gained. Their was even time to add a few pins to my Pinterest.

Let me be completely honest. Not everything is always hunky-dory with working the night shift. If you don’t get a good night sleep the night before, your sleepy the whole next day and can feel groggy or experience higher levels of agitation. Likewise, from what I learned in psychology class, this is when your brain encodes memories. That being said, it’s probably not smart to stay up all night after studying, before a test or anything moderate to highly important. Staying up may not be productive for everyone and certain activities like driving should not be preformed under these circumstances. This is not to promote losing sleep, I just have not yet found my solution to my all night excursions.

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