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When it comes to my favorite pass times, music is the only thing that gives me an unadulterated passion and excitement the entire time I’m creating it, listening to it, or dancing to it. This is why though I study many fields, music will always be the field I study with a passionate curiosity like no other. Recently I’ve started back rapping and producing beat like I once did as an adolescent.  Unlike my childhood years, now I have the focus to compose music with more clarity, knowledge, and understanding of the art form. Consequently, my passion for music has grown over the last 4-5 months and I’m more passionate about creating music than ever before.

In 2004, I was one of three members in a rap group known as Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs). The group consisted of my cousin (WeatherMan), our friend (Lil’Coop), and I (HebeKodac). Our love for rap music brought us together and over time it was the same thing that drove us apart. We spent what seems like years recording music, selling CD’s on the street corners, and performing in a small city in Georgia. As we grow older and life pulled us in a different direction, the group eventually broke up, and thoughts still passionate about music focused on developing solo careers. We all agreed Y.B.E. was no more.

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After I turned 18, I enlisted in the US Army as a 25B (Information Technology Specialist). I chose this MOS because outside of music, technology is my next passion. After basic training, I purchased a laptop and started back producing beats. Shortly after arriving at my first duty station I purchased a full studio setup, one of many home studio’s to come. During an 8-month span, I pushed out a lot of music. Most artists dream to have fits of passions were they push out five high-quality songs in the course of two-weeks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied.

My 8-months of high productivity quickly shifted the day I learned that I was to be deployed in Afghanistan. While on deployment I had a hand full of times or more to set up my recording equipment in the supply hut. However, something was different. I’m not sure whether it was being in the middle of a war zone, the constant gunshots,  personal relationship issues that I was facing at the time, or what but my music begin to change. I became more conscious of my lyrical content and what I would or wouldn’t say on a song. It was as if living in harsher conditions then those I was rapping of, living in constant fear of death, and living in a hyper-aggressive reality curbed my want to pass along destructive ideologies.

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Next, I returned home. Back to the same subpar standards of living which I endured prior to my military service. In the many deep crevices of these environments, I found rappers that weren’t shy to rap horrors which they hadn’t experienced. At times I even found myself getting angry about the glorification of death and other things most rappers say all for the sake of a good show. During these years of my life, my musical compositions would come to manifest themselves in a form drastically different from those of my peers.

Over time I’ve learned to no be so hypocritical of lyrical content; but likewise, I’ve also learned the importance of being conscious of the effects of the content of which you create. Understanding that everyone understands things differently and that not everyone will unpack your lyrics in the ways you intended is critical to understand as a creator. The more we focus on our audience and what it is that they are looking for form us as creators, the greater the odds that we will be successful in bridging the gap.

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Since moving to Aurora, Colorado (12-18 minutes from Denver), after about 3-years I decided to invest in another home studio. Nothing too pricey but enough to get the job done. I’m using a PreSonus AudioBox itwo Interface, PreSonus & AudioTechniqa Condenser Mics, An ART Tube MP Project Series Pre-Amp, on an HP 4G Ram 64bit Windows 10 system running Protools, BandLab, Reaper, and FL Studios 20. Hopefully, I’ll be getting an 8G Ram MacBook Pro for Christmas.

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The purpose of this writing is to?

1. Create – Creating quality content for users helps me to be more of a service while creating new life memories.

2. To Entertain – If I can help someone get through a rough day but entertaining them for a few minutes why not?

3. Digress – Expressing yourself even though writing has long-term benefits.

If you’ve made it this far I would like to thank you for your time and support. My name is Josephis Wade (DopeAMean) a.k.a Self-Made CEO Wade a.k.a.a. DJ Dope. My first level of priority is providing top quality content, if you have any suggestions on how I can better meet this goal, wish to share content, or wish to discuss being featured on this blog, email me at: Be sure to type a subject in the subject section of the e-mail.


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If you’ve made it this far I would like to thank you for your time and support. My name is Josephis Wade (DopeAMean) a.k.a DJ Dope 100. My first level of priority is to provide to-quality content. If there is any way that I can improve in this area, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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