Tips to Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships have become more common as technological advances, has allowed people to communicate around the globe with ease. Now couples have a list of apps., e-mail providers, instant messaging services, and websites that can be used as mediums of facilitating a long distance relationship.

Maintaining a successful long distance relationship is hard. These types of relationships require a lot of sacrifice, discipline, trust, and maturity. Not only is it easier to lie when you don’t have to look the other person in the eye, it’s also easier to walk away without having to say it to the other person’s face. Love is the same, you can build deeper connections not biased only on appearance, but it also has its bad points. If you have never meet the person you want to start a LDR with in person ever, you could be taking a high risk. Asking the other party to have video chats, show ID, or even running a background check, should be a little sacrifice to ensure your safety. Sharing private information, photos, and others data over the internet can put you at risk for a lot of dangerous scenarios. It is better in this case for you to be safe, rather then sorry.

If your sure your safe to communicate, you should ask your self several questions.

Why do I want this?

Can I deal without having this person with me? If so, for how long?

Am I going to take this serious?

Will my potential partner take this serious?

Their are more you could add to be sure your ready. If you have good answers and see the relationship as being realistic at this point, it is possibly worth pursuing.

What Its Like Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Below are of few of my tips, on maintaining a long distance relationship.

Maintaining A Healthy Long Distance Relationship

1. Close distance with creativity

Learning to use your creative thinking spontaneously can help your partner to feel like you are their in spirit. Finding ways to show your partner that your apart of their life, support them, and long to be with them can help bring you a little bit closer. Just remember that a little imagination can go a long way.

2. Trust is the glue

When it comes to any relationship, trust should be a favored quality. Relationships with a strong foundations of trust are favored in moral unions. Though it’s not a requirement, I would suggest only having relationships with those you can trust, to prevent yourself from being put in dangerous situations. I’m sure no one wants to work hard on building a relationship with someone whom they cannot trust.

3. Know who you are communicating with

Not knowing who you are communicating with can be dangerous, unwise, and life-threatening. You shouldn’t be scared to take extra steps to validate the identity of the person you’re talking to. Arranging to meet in person at least once can minimize some risks. Catfishing is when someone lies about who they are on the internet, sometimes exaggerating major details about themselves. Be safe. I can’t stress that enough.

4. Be shy when it comes to money

Just as much as the internet is full of catfishes, it is also full of scammers, and these types of people are also found freely strolling throw the natural population. Some of these people have been deceiving others so long, they’ve gotten quite good at it. You shouldn’t give anyone any money until you have built up a reasonable level of trust.

5. Have realistic expectations

Don’t expect to meet the person of your dreams in a few week via the internet. It’s dangerous, difficult, and just unrealistic. The only safe way to meet someone; in life, online, over the phone, or over any other mediums, is slowly. It takes time to analyze a persons mindset, goals, and personality, before deciding to pursue a relationship.

6.Prepare an exit strategy

There are many situations where you would want to develop an exit strategies. In business having an exit strategy is common practice. Due to the risks involved in long distance relationships, I feel it’s one of those situations you would be wise in having one. These strategies are plans that focus on minimizing loss in the case of a emergency, or separation.

7. Understand that everyone needs a break sometimes

Being in a long distance relationship can temp couples to want to talk everyday. This can feel smothering to some and smother the fire right out of the relationship. Long distance relationships can be stressful, understanding that you and your partner may both need breaks, can help in avoiding the more common complications of long distance relationships.

5 More Tips

This isn’t everything you need to know to have a successful LDR, but it is enough to get you going. The best thing you can do is have conversations with your partner. Ask each other the hard questions. The questions that center around the things that would dramatically change your relationship. These are the types of questions that reveal boundaries and lay guiding structure. Thinking about how to make you partner feel like there a part of your life, can also lead to good ideas. Be open and transparent if you are receiving the same. Over time you’ll get the hang of it.

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