Saving Mankind – Mass Efforts

What do you think is the biggest problem facing mankind? War? Global warming? Starvation?What’s standing in the way of mankind solving these problems? None of these questions have clear cut answers.

This doesn’t mean that we should neglect trying to find a solution to the biggest problems that plague mankind. Some of the problems that ravage society have already been solved. We just fail to implement the solutions properly on a grand scale. Either way, what will it take, before the majority of society become conscious, that how what we choose to live as individuals, affects what happens to us all as a whole.

Keeping confidence in the face of tragedy is a difficult task. Especially now that we are more aware of what’s going on around us then any other civilian known to man. We have thousands and thousands of cameras watching everything, but we seem to know less about each other. There are no classes in school on emotional trauma, surviving homelessness, or dealing with divorce. No one teaches you how to deal with someone close to you dying; furthermore, no one is prepared for the trauma experience from being raped. All theses issues happen frequently in society and when they happen to people, they are left to figure it all out. For example the 9/11 attack on the U.S. was probably the most relatable grief, most Americans remember facing,all at the same time, on a mass consciousness level.

As society moves forward, we fail to make changes in the areas that count. Life gets hard at times and their isn’t always a clear cut solution to every problem, but we have a responsibility to improve our efforts. As time passes, the biggest problems that threaten humanity, are neglected. If we are going to move into a new era of being, I would hope in such, we would become more conscious of how we are all relative. The societies we are apart of are collaborative. We work together in this reality to solve issues, debate, and create a better future for us all. To fail to acknowledge this fact can make it difficult to affect change on a grand scale.

Understanding this allows us to put greater thought into creating collaborative solutions for real world problems. Discrimination, sexism, and other dividing factors can prevent these important contributions from taking place. Learning more about different cultures allows us to interact with people in that culture, in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. When we step outside of our comfort zone to learn about new things, we open new doors.

Communicating effectively is also necessary for effective collaboration. Learning techniques like compromising and negotiating effectively may help our civilizations to make better decisions on real world issues. Being able to understand, is half the battle of agreements, and all the battle off misunderstandings.

Technology can only help humanity solve some of its problems. The rest must be solved by mankind using mass intelligence. I’m not referring to AI, when I say mass intelligence. I’m speaking of the intelligence of the population, it’s mass consciousness, and it ability to use these resources effectively. This is our way into a brighter future. This is our way to saving mankind.

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