When the Seeds of Discrimination Run Deep

Realizing that all people view, react, experience, and deal with discrimination in different ways. I’ll try to explain this article with as little pre-bias as possibly muster. How ever, I tend to side with the person being discriminated against. All situations are different and people should analyze a situation closely before jumping to conclusions.

Not all acts of hate are acts of discrimination. The problem is we think someone is harboring hate because of our color, race, weight, nationality, and other reasons, when that person just might not like us as individuals. Those that do discriminated against others, tend to make it very clear the reasons they are discriminating and that they intend it in that manner, unless their just a coward. In that case, you should be the bigger person, some people are just stupid. Chances are if you have to debate if the person is, or not, they probably are not.

The article below is about a girl named Camille Sturdivant, whom feel like her high school was discriminating against her. Being one of two black people on her high school dance team, Camille and her parents say, the school discriminated against her for no reason in particular. https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article224620660.html

In this modern world of social clicks, social media, cyber bullying, and the such. How do we as a society, determine were the lines of justice start and end, in matters concerning discrimination? How do we teach our children to prepare them to be either victims, or witnesses to discrimination? Hopefully, we wouldn’t teach them to be the perpetuators of acts of hate such as this discrimination.

So what is the difference between love, hate, and discrimination? From what I understand, discrimination is hate based on a physical trait, a persons heritage, and other factors that cannot be changed. Love is a more friendly emotion. Discrimination hardly ever begins because of who someone is as a person or one’s personal character. The energy it takes to find something you don’t particularly like about another person, something which they have no control over, takes just a little forethought, would you not agree?

No one can understand the thought process of people who passionately discriminate, being said, that has never been a goal of mine. My concerns are only to shed light on such situations, help people to avoid them, and start a dialogue on the subject. No one wishes to receive the hate of others. Being discriminated against can leave you feeling isolated, uncomfortable, insecure, and a host of other feelings that can be damaging long-term. Victims of situations like these, can find them hard to cope with, life altering at times. Causing some victims to commit suicide, harm themselves, or harm others. Dealing with discrimination and similar situations is hard for everyone involved.

Preventing acts of discrimination, may not be possible, in every place and under every circumstance. Being prepared to deal with acts of discrimination is something we can do to mitigate the damages caused by these situations. Educating our selves on helping others deal with grief and trauma can also be very beneficial to communities impacted. Until the world can learn to solve its differences, we will always be faced to make tuff discussions. Until we have the hard conversations, we will never solve the difficult problems.

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R.I.P. to the legendary rapper Fng Bart from the same city as I, Columbus, GA. May the memory of who you were out live those who killed you!