Pain & Success – Words of Inspiration

Not everything as humans, we pride ourselves in wanting, is good for us. Sometimes emotional pain can teach us things, when we change our perceptions, remove ourselves from the situation, and analyzing things in a logical manner. You can learn valuable things from painful situations if you can find out how the situation can be used to your advantage. Learning to avoid similar situations once you recognize a pattern can be invaluable.

We have all had that one friend who we try to help, but will believe nothing said, until the shit hits the fan. The world is full of these types of people. The best thing to do, ignore them, invest that time into accomplishing your dream, and show them you being successful. The most important reason to keep your distance is, you can’t help anyone, until you help yourself first. It’s ok to love friends and family, but never let anyone rob you of your dreams.

To quote one of my favorite rappers, Lil’Wayne,”The only thing on the mind of a shark, is eat!”. Basically, the law of nature, eat or be eaten. The person who doesn’t try has already failed. Not just physically in the universe, but mentally within the walls of ones own mind. Losing in your goals, career, and life; should never become a thought worth consideration, in the mind of someone developing a successful mentality. It is better to fail 1,000 times than to give up. To quote the late and great Thomas Edison!

Most people give up on attempt 1-5. Over half never contemplate what might have happened had not they threw in the flag. If you want to accomplish most things, you just have to make more calculated attempts then the next guy. Having a strong since of perseverance can go a long way.

The dreamers of today, will be the creatively innovative minds of tomorrow. The children who’s imaginations will create the technologies of the future. Following your inner passions, is the path to the treasures of your future, yet to be collected. Having faith in your intuition always leads to great places.

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R.I.P. to the legendary rapper Fng Bart from the same city as I, Columbus, GA. May the memory of who you were out live those who killed you!

Artist: Fng Bart

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DopeAMean – Blue Faces – Stunner-Man November 2, 2019

Blue Faces was the artist known as DopeAMean’s first independent album released on most major platforms. Prior compilations include Street-Creed 101, The Col All-Stars Mixtape, and The Best Unsigned released while DopeAMean was known as HeBeKodac and apart of a teenage rap group called Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs).

Blue Faces is a album that represents DopeAMean over coming homelessness and prejudices after being discharged from the U.S. Army for 2-years, 11-months, and 29-days; on which he served one tour of duty in Afghanistan, while going through hell. The come back album Blue Faces should not be miss understood to signify any gang affiliations, disrespect any gang culture, or to make any political statements outsides of its marketed content.